In the Tamar Valley, Northern Tasmania, Stoney Rise is a 30 year old vineyard, where Joe Holyman produces all the wine in his big green shed. Apparently during vintage, he doesn’t wear many clothes and usually works into the wee hours of the night listening to loud music. While his wife isn’t sure if it’s all work, she enjoys the wine. (Maybe she should follow him on social media to check?)

For Stoney Rise, it’s all about drinkability, and the enjoyment of sharing wine with food and friends. They grow their grapes and create wines with minimal inputs… and maybe some nude pigeage, of course.

We sat down with Lou Holyman to chat all things Pinot:

Are you a Palooza Virgin?

Nope – Lou can’t exactly remember (might be a bit hazy from the Pinot), but they’ve done every year with us!

When no one is watching, I drink…

Joe’s drink.

My Pinots are best for…

Anytime people have friends come over.

My favourite drinking hole is…

Saint John Craft Beer.

The one song that makes you dance when the beat drops…

Don’t laugh… I can’t help it – it’s catchy and yes we have a tween in the house!

My Pinot’s are best paired with…

Stoney Rise Pinot – maybe BBQ’d salmon. Holyman & Project X – wagyu brisket.

Drink with them in the flesh in:

SydneyMelbourne & Brisbane.


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