For Dirty Three Wines, it’s all about the dirt. They believe that great wine tastes the way it does because of the dirt it’s grown in and the hands that got dirty making it. With vines grown in “Holgates Road” in Leongatha South, Victoria, South Gippsland is known to produce some of, if not the best, Pinot Noir in the country.

Try their Pinot for yourself in Sydney and Melbourne!

Over a Pinot (or two), we caught up with Marcus Satchell to talk all about Pinot:

Are you a Palooza Virgin?

He said yes! It’s their very first time joining us!

When no one is watching, I drink…

Moscato with Dan Sims.

My Pinots are best for…

Drinking (with good company).

My favourite drinking hole is…

The Cape Tavern, Cape Paterson and Siglo, Melbourne.

The one song that makes you dance when the beat drops…

My Pinot’s are best paired with…

Music with Soul.

Drink with them in the flesh in:



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