According to Vigneron, Peter Caldwell: “Pinot Noir has always underpinned my enthusiasm for wine. It is the perfect example of what wine should be: mysterious, challenging, a complete reflection of its environment and the most satisfying when you get it right. Welcome to Dalrymple.” And the best thing? These Pinot veterans join us in EVER city on the East Coast. Hell. Yes.

We caught up with Pete Caldwell from Dalrymple to chat all about the greatest grape on the planet, Pinot:

Are you a Palooza Virgin? 

Nope, they’ve done all of them! Palooza legends!

When no one is watching, I drink…


My Pinots are best for…

Drowning out kids’ noise.

My favourite drinking hole is…

Geronimos, Lonnie.

The one song that makes you dance when the beat drops…

My Pinot’s are best paired with…

Pippa Merrett. But if she’s not available, sunshine, lollipops and life.

Drink with them in the flesh in:

SydneyMelbourne & Brisbane!


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