From Beechworth, in north-east Victoria, Tessa and Jeremy return to the party to bring you their unique Pinot. Give their Pinot a try, but only in Melbourne.

Over a Pinot (or two), we caught up with Tessa Brown & Jeremy Schmölzer to chat all things Pinot:

Are you a Palooza Virgin?

Nope, they’ve rocked out with us before!

When no one is watching, I drink…

Cups of tea because I’m very pregnant. When not pregnant, amaro. Lucano is the current fave.

My Pinots are best for…

The question makes specific mention of Monday: I mean, you can definitely use our Pinot to ethanol-load and dull the senses before ABC Q&A on a Monday (poor Monday), but we reckon our Pinots are best for roasting chestnuts around an Autumn campfire and telling yarns to friends and family.

My favourite drinking hole is…

Hahaha my home ‘city’ is Ingham, in Far North Queensland. My favourite drinking hole (childhood lounge room) there is the Ashton Hotel. It’s a great place to sink a few mango tinnies. But I think you mean Melbourne. That would be Gertrude St, Enoteca (North) or Smalls Bar (South).

The one song that makes you dance when the beat drops…

My Pinot’s are best paired with…

Good conversation and laughter. Pine mushrooms and rabbit braise goes alright too.

Drink with them in the flesh in:

Only Melbourne!


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