Team Curly Flat are essentially Pinot Palooza royalty. Having been at every Pinot Palooza in every city, EVER. Yep, down right bloody legends they are and aside from making some of our favourite Pinot Noir, they’re nicest bunch of wine folk you could hope to meet. No wonder they came 7th in the People’s Choice National countdown for 2017!

We grabbed them for a quick chat about all things Pinot Palooza, Curly Flat and Macedon Ranges.

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How was Pinot Palooza for you this year? How did it compare to other years?
Having been a part of Palooza since the beginning, we can really appreciate how far it has come. The continual evolution is astounding and this year we feel was most realised tour in terms of both scope and connectivity. As the passion for Pinot Noir is unquenchable, Pinot Palooza seems unstoppable!

How does it feel to have made the top 10 nationally for People’s Choice? 
It feels great!  The thing we like the most about Palooza is talking directly with so many passionate Pinotphiles.  It’s an amazing bonus that those moments of connection have been rated as so people’s favourite wine experience.  It really means a lot to us!

Tell us something cool we don’t know about Curly Flat? 
We have an amazing team.  We feel that we have an amazing site, but you can assume that’s a given to produce exceptional wine. What isn’t a given is the team we have striving for excellence behind the scenes. Whether it be in the vineyard, the winery, sales or admin, over 15 people contribute daily to make Curly Flat the best it can be, so we’d like people to know about them. People are terroir too!

What style do you think characterises the wines of your region opposed to others?
Being Australia’s coolest MAINLAND wine growing region, you expect lithe but powerful Pinot Noirs, blessed not only with deep complexity that only slow ripening can give, but also great ageing potential thanks to the exceptionally integrated acid line that makes wines of our region walk and talk for themselves!

Tell us THREE THINGS we need to know about your region?
Australias coolest mainland wine growing region!

Great diversity in sub regions, some warmer and cooler areas allow a range of vinous expressions from Sparkling, Aromatic White, stunning Chardonnay, world class Pinot Noir to a degree (pun police!) some cool climate Reds.

Pockets not paddocks are planted, areas to inconsistent for contiguous planting, keeps the big producers out allowing small dedicated passionate producers to shine!

What’s the ONE THING we simply MUST do in your region?
Make a weekend of it, its too expansive a region to meaningfully do in a day. Some fantastic places to eat in Kyneton, Trentham & Daylesford means you’ll suffer with choice! Cellar doors are kilometres apart not crammed side by side, so take your time, unwind, that’s what food & wine is all about!

If not you, who else should people try?
Granite Hills

What song should we listen to when driving to the winery?

What song should we listen to when driving away and onto the next one?

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