What style do you think characterises the wines of your region (Pinot specifically) opposed to others?
Martinborough Pinot Noir always has complexity.NZ never has a problem creating fruit forward wine but Luna Estate also has a savoury element. This is typical of the region and we try and shine a light on this spectrum of our Pinot Noir. You could think of it as Pinot Noir with multiple personalities!

Tell us THREE THINGS we need to know about your region?
1. Fantastic people living and playing in the best little wine village in the world.
2. Has an incredible coastline just 30 minutes drive away from our vineyards.
3. Is home to 10% of NZ wine produces BUT only accounts for 2% of the output. Lots of small, boutique wineries.

Whats the ONE THING you you simply MUST do in your region?
Visit Cape Palliser

If not you, who else should people try?
Ata Rangi

What song should we listen to when driving to the winery?

What song should we listen to when driving away and onto the next one?

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