South Australian Pinot Noir is the Pop Princess of the wine world. Most of the time, the wines are fun, bright and dance across your palate. But there’s pockets within the region (I’m looking at you, Basket Ranges) where the wines get a little down and dirty, a bit funky, and push the barriers of winemaking norms (think Christina Aguliera when she dyed her hair and starting wearing a lot of leather). They don’t always get it right, but experimentation is at the heart of the region’s charm, and why pop music (like it or not) will always reign supreme.

But what of the Adelaide Hills?
Ever-changing and developing, Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir is a bit like Britney Spears. Iconic and constantly reinventing itself within the sub-regions; from bright and lively to soulful and soft, there is a style for everyone and every occasion.

In short, these wines are super fun and just one of the reasons why we’re bringing them to PERTH.

Below is your Adelaide Hills wine list including People’s Choice regulars, Vinteloper and Henschke


New Era Vineyards

We recommend getting to know the people behind the wines before you taste them so watch and read our intros below.

Speaking of Adelaide …

This year we’re even bringing those crazy cats from SKIN CONTACT over to DJ and party with us this year. Yes, you’re guaranteed a good time and to get you in the right kind of mood, below is a little play list they put together for your pre-game party.

Rock on!

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