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The Osborn family have been tendin’ vines and makin’ wines in McLaren Vale, South Australia since 1912. That’s over a hundred years. Talk about vine age!

These days, fourth-gen Chester Osborn heads up d’Arenberg as head winemaker. The label is famous for many things – delicious wines with eclectic names, that bold red stripe, the fact that one of the Osborn ancestors played for Richmond football club in the 1870s – but today, it’s probably known best for the d’Arenberg Cube.

The idea for the Cube, inspired by the complexities and puzzles of winemaking, first came to Chester in 2003, but construction was only completed in December 2017. The Cube is a cube-shaped, five-storey multi-function centre that appears to be floating among the vines. Inside it is the winery’s cellar door, a restaurant, private tasting areas and an immersive art gallery.

There’s space for you to blend and bottle your own wine, there’s a wine inhalation room (don’t ask us what that is!), a virtual fermenter and a 360° video room. It’s super high-tech, and a really innovative addition to the South Australian wine scene. It was also featured on season 10 of MasterChef Australia. An absolute must if you’re in the area!

If you’re not based in South Australia and not planning a visit anytime soon, you can try d’Arenberg wines at many different restaurants across the country, and at a bunch of retailers, too. D’Arenberg makes over 70 different wines from 37 grape varieties, all of which are made from grapes that are certified organic and biodynamic. There’s also the d’Arenberg wine club; the Cenosilicaphobic Club (which is the fear of an empty glass!).

Aside from visiting you (and the Cube!), what’s the one thing we should do in your region?

As well as making some of Australia’s best wines, McLaren Vale also has a great food culture with heaps of gourmet food producers and world class restaurants. Checking those out would be number one!

When no one is watching, you drink…

The whole bottle.

Your pinots are best for…

Drinking in good company. They taste better sans pants and super relaxed.

If your pinot was a music artist, who would it be?

d’Arenberg The Feral Fox Pinot Noir 2016… Have you ever heard that song… What does the fox say?

Best music to listen to during vintage?

Something upbeat… the winery crew need something to get through the hours of tough foot treading.

Where do you pinot?

Nothing better than a glass of pinot out on the porch watching the world go by.

The one song that makes you dance when the beat drops…

You know you like it too…

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