Thirteen Cities, Six Countries

Welcome to the EVENT PROSPECTUS for the Pinot Palooza 2019 grand tour! It's going to be a big one, as we return to Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong, and set our sights on the USA.
Bring it on!

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On this page, you'll find information on the 2019 tour including city dates, venues, fees, attendee number as well as other insights into our global wine audience. There is a lot here so please do read through thoroughly. If you have any questions, please get in touch!

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We know there is a lot here so if you need any further information or clarification at all, please get in touch as we're here to help in any way we can.

"I believe we are truly in a golden age of wine, with people across the globe more interested than ever before in what they imbibe. This year will be pivotal in the life of Pinot Palooza, especially as we expand to the USA. Join us!”

Dan Sims
CEO / Founder REVEL.global

THIRTEEN CITIES, SIX COUNTRIES – It’s going to be an EPIC 2019!

After adding Tokyo and Hong Kong to the roster in 2018, we set our sights on the USA in 2019.

As Pinot Palooza veterans will tell you, every city we visit has its own personality and the experience is always different. And while the ‘Palooza vibe’ is always present, each place has its own culture that we seek to integrate into and build on the learnings as a result.

With so many cities on the bill we know it’s near impossible to get to all of them, however it is still possible to be represented at them if you would like, whether that be via your local importer, or via a regional stand that we can man ourselves (like we did in Perth and Adelaide in 2018 for Gippsland and Mornington Peninsula).

We’re here to help so please talk to us!

Ticket includes



We’re about interactions, not transactions


Japan is an incredibly exciting wine market with consumption and dollar value increasing every year. After a hugely successful first run in Tokyo in 2018, this year we’ve added Osaka to the tour as well. These events will sell out well ahead of the event which again shows just how keen the Japanese market is for great pinot noir.

Plus, it’s a great excuse to visit one of the world’s coolest countries!



Building on our experience and learnings from last year, we’ll be running two sessions at the same venue in Tokyo. Two shorter, more efficient sessions allows you access to greater numbers for the same investment.

May 25 – 11am – 3pm & 4pm – 8pm
1100 + pax
5000 JPY

Dojima River Forum

Adding Osaka to the roster is an obvious next step and, judging by the early response, this event is going to grow to the size of Tokyo very quickly. We’ll start with one afternoon session, but we have the option to add a second evening session if there is demand for it. Don’t book your flights out just yet!

May 26 – 11am – 3pm 
550 + pax
5000 JPY


This is the eighth year we have run Pinot Palooza in Australia, with numbers continuing to grow year on year, especially in Melbourne and Sydney. For this reason, we won’t be doing those two events on the same weekend in 2019 (never again!) – instead, Melbourne will stand alone, and Brisbane will follow Sydney the weekend after.

The momentum and interest around all Pinot Palooza Australia events continues to grow and while Melbourne has pretty much reached its peak, all other cities have the ability to expand; especially Perth and Brisbane. Don’t leave these off your list.


Claremont Showgrounds

We know it’s a little harder to get to (especially if you’re on the east coast), but trust us when we say Perth is an incredibly exciting city and it’s absolutely in your interests to make the journey west. The market there is just pumped to get in front of you. We had a ball there last year (The Skin Contact DJs finishing on Aerosmith’s Don’t Want to Miss A Thing was the finale we never knew we needed) and we just can’t wait to get back.

August 3 – 11am till 6pm
1500 + pax
$60 General Admission
$85 VIP (includes extra hour prior to doors opening)

The Flour Shed

Our audience in Adelaide is dedicated, motivated, and super into wine and food. We know there is potential for Pinot Palooza to explode in Adelaide and we’ve found a great new home in the recently renovated Flour Shed, located as part of the Hart’s Mill building complex in Port Adelaide.  Adelaide has been a consistent performer, each year, and you definitely want to include this wine loving city on your next tour.

August 10 – 12pm till 6pm
750 + pax
$60 General Admission
$85 VIP (includes extra hour prior to doors opening)

Royal Exhibition Building

The biggest of all Pinot Palooza events, Melbourne is one epic day out. We reached peak Palooza last year and while we won’t be increasing numbers in 2019 (4000 pax is perfect), we are investigating a Friday night VIP preview night to allow for a better spread of numbers. This is one you can’t afford to miss.

October 5 – 11am – 6pm
4000 + pax
$65 General Admission
$85 VIP (includes access to VIP lounge and more)


We’ve moved this event to a Saturday so we can increase attendee numbers and to save you from fatigue! We’re also looking to broaden the food offering, build on wine masterclasses and conversations, and more. Perhaps we’ll see the return of the Hot Potato Band, too!

October 12 – 11am – 6pm
3500 + pax
$65 General Admission
$85 VIP (includes access to VIP lounge and more)


Although we missed not being in Lightspace in 2018, the Brisbane Showgrounds was pretty much perfect and so it’s there that we’ll return to in 2019. A larger venue means we can continue to grow the event, and as those who’ve joined us in Brisbane before will attest to, this is one you want to see expand. No other city buys wine like Brisbane does, and for this reason (plus the fact that our audience there is incredibly interested in you and your product) you want to make sure you join us here.

October 13 – 11am – 6pm 
1500 + pax
$65 General Admission
$85 VIP (includes extra hour prior to doors opening)


We love New Zealand and we especially love watching how much these events have grown over the past few years, especially in Auckland. The bill tends to be dominated by local wineries and importers, however we encourage Australians to make the trip themselves in 2019 as the LIVE AUSTRALIA stand we’ve run the past few years is always one of the busiest on the day.

We can’t wait to head back across the ditch!


Shed 10, Queens Wharf

Auckland’s event at our home at Shed 10 is the biggest event we run in New Zealand, not just by numbers but by the level of party Auckland brings! We’re aiming for the same numbers as last year but we’re looking to open earlier so we can better manage everyone’s arrival. They did all turn up at once last year!

September 7 – 11am – 6pm
1250 + pax
$65 NZD General Admission
$85 VIP (includes VIP hour)

Mac’s Function Centre

Last year’s event sold out a month prior so this year we’ll run two sessions to better manage demand. Obviously the people of Wellington are pumped for pinot noir and we need to make sure they get their fix. Come on… help them out!

September 8 – 11am – 3pm//4pm – 8pm
750 + pax
$65 NZD General Admission

University of Canterbury

We love North Canterbury and love supporting the city of Christchurch. This year, we’ll be in a brand new event space at the University, which will hopefully be our home for future events and will allow us to increase numbers and grow the event significantly. Christchurch also delivers some of the best food on tour thanks to Jonny Schwass and his Charcoal Relief Unit, so you want to make sure you come for that!

September 14 – 12pm -5pm
1100 + pax
$65 NZD General Admission


Expansion beyond the ANZ region was always part of the Pinot Palooza plan, and after successful events in Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan in 2017 and 2018, we believe the time is right to make the leap to the USA.

The USA is a vital market to many, and being there will allow us to engage with the American pinot folk and encourage its wineries to join us in other countries and markets. Building a global pinot noir community is what we’re all about!

We’ll also fine tune models in Singapore and Hong Kong so we can better integrate into the local market and increase attendee numbers as well.

All in all, this is an incredibly exciting year for Pinot Palooza!


City Market Social House

This is an incredible venue in downtown LA with an awesome outdoor area and more. It will coincide with Aussie wine month (and in-between Wine Australia Roadshow activity), but that doesn’t mean it’s exclusively Australian wines – we’re global after all! Ideally, we’d love to see 30% Australian and 30% New Zealand wineries, with the remaining 40% made up of wineries from the USA and beyond.

From 2020, we’ll look to grow to New York City, San Francisco, Chicago and more. We cannot wait to get over there!

September 28 – 1pm – 6pm
1000 + pax
$60 USD General Admission


Singapore is such an incredible city and we have loved being there the past two years. This year, we return to the same venue but will be taking over both levels to allow us to increase attendees and wineries, and take over the street for a larger food offering.

Singapore is the highest spend per head of any city we operate in and by a considerable margin. We’re also working closely with local importers and retailers (online too) to help facilitate on-the-day sales, importing and logistic options.

If you’re keen to join us, please talk to us.

November 23 – 11am – 3pm & 4pm – 8pm
1500 + pax
$60 SGD General Admission

Hong Kong Observation Wheel

We were blown away by the response in Hong Kong and we absolutely can’t wait to get back there in 2019.
It was our first event in this crazy city and we couldn’t have been happier with how it went. We see this event growing and growing over the next few years.

Based on learnings from 2018, we’re adapting the model in 2019 to align better with local expectations – this means later opening hours, for one. We’re also looking to run a VIP preview session the night prior.

And for those who joined us in 2018, we’ll again be chartering a junk boat the following day to celebrate the end of the 2019 tour!

November 29 & 30
Friday: 5pm till 9pm
Saturday: 1pm till 8pm 
2500 + pax
$350 HKD General Admission


Below are just some of the facts and stats from last year’s tour. Every year we get to know more and more about our audiences in each city and country and we share this with you to better prepare you for future events.

The vast amount of data we’re seeing helps us all better understand wine drinker trends and anticipate future behaviour.

We’ll be doubling down on our content this year to contribute to a greater conversation around pinot noir globally. This is the added benefit of being part of the Pinot Palooza community.

We’re as much a media business as we are an event business and we know how to get our audience’s attention.


will join us on event days


Of our attendees were women


Attendees under 35 (of which 65% are women)


users reached via social media!


Whether it be social, digital, our newsletter or direct traffic to the website, our audience are not only talking about the event but sharing information on it and encouraging attendance. This reinforces our grass roots approach to building a tribe first and integrating everything else around it. 


Of all tickets sales were via mobile
(this is increasing rapidly – over 20% in the past 12 months!)


All web traffic via a mobile device


Mobile usage from an Apple device


Website page views from 116k users


of web traffic driven by organic search


of users said they heard about the event via Word of Mouth


came via the socials (such as Facebook, Instagram and Instagram stories)


came via the REVEL Newsletter

Edition #2


In 2018, we published our own magazine dedicated to Pinot Palooza and all things pinot noir. Our first edition (with a 20k circ), was distributed to attendees in all cities (with the exception of Tokyo and Perth) giving it an estimated readership of 75k. To put those figures in context, we managed the same readership as Gourmet Traveller Wine for our first ever issue. It was even a finalist in the Wine Communicators of Australia Awards for Best Wine Publication (consumer). Bam!

In 2019, we’ll be doubling down and diving even deeper into your wine stories to share in print and all across our digital channels (and in multiple languages!). With an increased circulation of 40k (same as Decanter Magazine), we’ll distribute to Pinot Palooza attendees, those at all our other events (MOULD, Game of Rhones, Gauchito Gil’s Malbec Day, etc) plus winery cellar doors and fine wine retailers.

Circulation will continue to grow as we expand to other cities and countries such as the USA, South Korea, Germany, mainland China and more further increasing numbers and reach.

And did we mention it’s free?

You can view the 2018 issue HERE


We honestly believe we’re in a golden age of wine, with wine drinkers globally interested more than ever before in what they imbibe.

They are looking for genuine experiences, they want to know more and they want to share their experience via social networks.

With millennials fast making up 50% of wine consumption globally, they are the new wine media.


Average sales per winery per event


Average RRP per bottle sold


Wine tastes poured


Estimated bottles poured on event day


Average email sign ups per event


We don’t have to tell you just how important social media is. It IS media. 

This year we’ll be doubling down on the level of content we’ll be sharing. Think of us as a media business as much as an event / hospitality business.

We know how to get people’s attention and get them to engage. Look at the regional content we put together from Gippsland and Mornington Peninsula to give you an idea.

PR is still important but only when online as brand recall from traditional media remains at only 1%.


This remains our most important engagement, communication and marketing channel. Short, sharp and engaging video content was key here at announce and when it came to sharing educational content such as regional visits and winemaker interviews.


We love this platform for its visual storytelling capabilities and the ease with which it integrates into our audience’s lives. Being able to share photos which showed the awesome vibe of Pinot Palooza was something everyone loved, from us and you to our guests, with approximately 4000 posts being shared on event day. This user-generated awareness is invaluable. Instagram Stories were also key and you’ll see us do much more in this space in 2019.

4.2 million +

Total Facebook impressions

2.5 millon

Facebook users reached (organic and paid) with women making up 65% of engagements!

224k +

Facebook video views.
Video is no longer essential, but vital especially in storytelling

1.4 million +

Total Instagram impressions via @pinotpalooza alone

3.2 million +

Potential reach from user generate posts especially via #pinotpalooza


Total Instagram engagements via @pinotpalooza


At each event, we ask people to vote for their favourite winery on the day. Each city's winner will be profiled in the Pinot Palooza magazine in 2020 so it's in your interests to win it! Rock on!



Central Otago, NZ


TOKYO: Bass River (Gippsland)
PERTH: Below & Above (Pemberton, WA)
ADELAIDE: Shaw & Smith
AUCKLAND: Rockburn (Central Otago, NZ)
CHRISTCHURCH: Tongue in Groove (North Canterbury, NZ)
WELLINGTON: Wet Jacket (Central Otago, NZ)
MELBOURNE: Akitu (Central Otago, NZ)
SYDNEY: Akitu (Central Otago, NZ)
BRISBANE: Wooing Treet (Central Otago, WA)
SINGAPORE: Below & Above (Pemberton, WA)
HONG KONG: Bream Creek (Tasmania)


We do our best to ensure your event experience is as streamlined, easy and enjoyable as possible, so all you have to do is rock up on the day and SELL.

A full (online) exhibitor manual will follow upon registration. This will include links to registration of wines, RSA and other compliance requirements as well key dates and shipping information for each country we operate in.


  • Listing of brand in the Pinot Palooza Magazine directory
  • Listing of brand and wines in the Pinot Palooza insert (per city you’re exhibiting)
  • Dressed trestle table or pallet bar (varies per city);  2.5 x 2.5 mtr space (additional styling available upon request – fees apply)
  • Spittoon, ice bucket, water
  • One REVEL wine glass to taste from, two for larger events (more available on the day at $10 per stem)
  • Listing on the PINOT PALOOZA WEBSITE with reciprocal link to your website
  • MARKETING and PROMOTIONAL support via social media channels and multiple shout outs
  • SOCIAL MEDIA CHEAT SHEET (to make promoting yourself in the lead up easier)
  • Detailed Exhibitor Manual noting all participating requirements and links for licensing, etc.
  • LISTING in the Pinot Palooza Magazine in the HALL OF FAME

For Australia and New Zealand events we will now have to charge a flat $50 (per consignment) freight fee for consolidated shipping in each city. We have tried to absorb this as much as possible but with logistic costs forever increasing, we sadly can no longer do this.

Winner Digital Wine Communicator of the Year 2018 by the Wine Communicators of Australia


AUSTRALIA: 10% discount if you do all events.
NEW ZEALAND: 10% discount if you do all events. 

  1. Prices below are ex-GST (or relevant local taxes).
  2. New Zealand events are run and managed by Bottle Shop Concepts NZ. Fees are in NZ dollars.
  3. Australia: PER and ADL are invoiced in prior to June 30. MEL, BNE and SYD are invoiced July 1 (new financial year)
  4. Tokyo events are run and managed by KK REVEL MEDIA JAPAN, in JPY
  5. Singapore and Hong Kong events are run and managed by REVEL MEDIA Singapore Pte Ltd in local currency (SGD and HKD)
  6. USA events are run and managed by REVEL MEDIA USA and invoiced in USD

We have partnered with the brilliant team at Square who will provide you with the most streamlined POS system around. All REVEL exhibitors will be entitled to 1 x Square Contactless and Chip Reader (usually valued at $59) for FREE.

The reader works with the free Square app so you can process payments on your smartphone or tablet. Pay 1.9% per tap, dip or swipe for Visa, Mastercard and American Express and see deposits in your bank account as fast as the next day.

This is compulsory for ALL participants for Australian events.


Y JPY 75000

Per Stand


Y JPY 65000

Per Stand


$ AUD 795

Per Stand (+ freight)


$ AUD 795

Per Stand (+ freight)


$ AUD 1100

Per Stand (+ freight)


$ AUD 1150

Per Stand (+ freight)


$ AUD 950

Per Stand (+ freight)


$ NZD 850

Per Stand (+ freight)


$ NZD 750

Per Stand (+ freight)


$ NZD 750

Per Stand (+ freight)


$ USD 650

per stand


$ SIN 750

per stand


$ HKD 6500

per stand


13 Cities, 6 Countries


We’d love you to join us at all our events however we know this is near impossible. Instead, we’re working on a number of ways to have your wines represented in each market, assist in shipping and networking opportunities.

If you’re keen to explore new markets, talk to us!

MAY 25
MAY 26
Los Angeles
NOVEMBER 29 & 30
Hong Kong


We could keep telling you all about Pinot Palooza but we reckon it’s best explained by all the smiling faces on event day.
That pretty much sums up what was one fun tour.
More can be found on the PINOT PALOOZA Facebook page.


PS: We also grabbed a whole heap of footage and interviews both on event day and as part of our regionals trips. Head to YOUTUBE for more!

Got any other questions? Then ask us!

We can’t wait for an even bigger 2019. It’s going to be EPIC!