You may have seen this tagline in and around our emails and socials this year. It’s something we wanted to ask you, seeing as we have around 100 producers (bringing over 250 wines) from 21 different wine regions joining us this year.

And to add to that, the event itself will have visited nine cities in three countries by the end of 2017, with twelve already planned for 2018.

So, where do you Pinot?

Is it the country you’re in? The state? A particular wine region? Your local restaurant or wine bar? Or is at home with mates? In the bath, with or without mates?

Does it matter? No, not really. But we think it’s an awesome way to highlight just how frigging diverse and versatile this grape is, and how much a part of our lives it is.

This weekend, the answer is easy. It’s at Pinot Palooza, of course! So, to help you prepare you for the weekend ahead, we thought we’d give you some hints and tips on how to approach the 250+ wines and 80 odd producers that are going to be there.

Colour coding your way

Have you noticed the ‘camo’ style branding we’re using this year (check the above header)? On first glance, it actually just looks like camo. But, we’ll have you know, there is method to the madness.

Once we realised how many regions we had joining us throughout the campaign, we knew we wanted to make it more intuitive, and wanted to use it to help you navigate your way through the day. So, we looked at the the wine regions and determined whether we thought they tended to produce Pinot that was either light, medium or fuller flavoured, and then colour-coded it accordingly. 

So, for regions that produce lighter wines, we used a lighter red. And for fuller-bodied wine regions, it was a darker, deeper almost purple colour. Makes sense, right?

We then applied those colours to the outline of those Pinot regions, threw them all together and ended up with the camo pattern you see today. 

Yep. A little geeky, but hey. We love Pinot.

Mapping your way

Building on this, we used this same system to colour code each individual winery, then laid them out by region on the floor plan. 

You’ll notice the different colours of the stands; they are there as a reference for the style of Pinot the region tends to produce.

There are exceptions to the rules, of course, so think of this as a GUIDE ONLY!

So check out the floor plan and discover where you Pinot.

Light Red: Generally more etherial, lighter in colour, high-toned, perfumed. Sexy and seductive.

Dark Red: Perhaps a little stand-offish at the start but once you get to know them, they’re full of character. Certainly some flesh on the bones

Purple: Oh yeah. More fully charged and fuller flavoured styles. The Jimi Hendrix purple haze experience!





We could keep banging on about colour, but this is Pinot Palooza and we’re all about that festival vibe.  And with so many different Pinot artists on offer, you may find it somewhat daunting to navigate your way.

So approach it as you would a music festival. And like a festival there are so many different stages, styles and artists to check out and explore throughout the day.

To help, we asked a bunch of wine folk, including the Pinot Palooza team, to make their picks of the Pinot Artists to seek out on the day and broke them down by stages.

MAIN STAGE: A headliner. One you no doubt have heard of and who is making super impressive Pinot. You can’t not notice them.

FRINGE: Exactly what you think. An alternative from the mainstream and someone doing their own thing. Perhaps a little bit left field. 

DANCE TENT: Just bloody fun wines you want to drink with your mates and, generally, made by hilarious people as well. These will put a smile on your face and a skip in your step.

EMERGING TALENT: These are the Artists who are are doing some damn exciting things at the moment and or are truly coming into their own. Ones to keep a close eye on.

NEW RELEASE: Those who are new to the Pinot Palooza festival stage and who we think you should go and introduce yourself to. But, remember, it’s their first time so be gentle … *ahem*

VIP: All. Da Bling. The ones who you’d want to grab for that special occasion. The full Pinot experience.

And finally, remember there are over 250 different wines on tastings so do pace yourself, drink plenty of water (which is free thanks to our mates at Daylesford & Hepburn Springs Mineral Co.), and be sure to grab something to eat throughout the day. 

We want you to have an awesome time and get home safe.

And just a word of warning: There is a strict ‘NO DICKHEADS’ policy.

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