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It’s ya boy Mike Bennie (wine writer and editor, Rootstock Co-Founder, Palooza vet, etc) here with some suggested #FancyFizz to get you through the Festive Season. Enjoy.

Fruit Zone Pet Nat 2017 (Adelaide Hills, SA, $25)
It’s a murky, ruddy, rouge thing, all fizzy and frothy, rippling with stewed berry fruits and a kind of animale savouriness. It’s bloody fun to drink, and a real no brainer for chugging in the sun. It’s the kind of wild-edged fizz that shakes the foundations of convention in the best possible way.

Rudolf Trossen Trosecco 2016 (Mosel, Germany, $43)
Rudolf Trossen is a brilliant vigneron who thumbs his nose at convention yet has a deep understanding of the foundations of fine wine. The personality of his wines is divergent and exciting in a deeply traditional region like Mosel. This, a lively, naturally fermented sparkling made from Riesling grapes – not unusual, but for its electric acidity, jagged green apple tang and gentle savouriness. This ain’t method traditional elegance and pomposity, but a thirst-crushing, pure-feeling expression of Riesling gone fizzy.

DubStyle Bubbly 2017 (McLaren Vale, SA, 375ml can, $10)
A sparkling wine made a la Pet Nat in a can? Say what? Dudley and Irina Brown have knocked it out of the park with this slick textured, nectar-like, foamy wine. It’s got huge volume of perfume, a come-hither slipperiness in the palate, a riot of big bubbles when sipping. Basically, it’s heaps of fun but really well made, which is a potent combo in the drink-in-the-sun stakes over summery months.

Latta Vino Good Times Pet Nat 2017 (Victoria, magnum, $75)
It’s pink, it’s got heaps of fizz, it’s refreshing, it’s in a large format bottle. Spot on. This blushing beauty has the texture of cellophane with a tight, brisk bed of bubbles, sits somewhere in the flavour spectrum between watermelon and cranberry juices with a wealth of floral perfume. Good times indeed.

Diebolt Vallois Blanc de Blancs NV (Champagne, $100)
Delicious Champagne exalting white grapes from the famed sparkling wine region, showing all the finesse, power, concentration and elegance that you’d expect, but here with some added liveliness and personality. It sets itself up with all that marzipan/brioche/toastiness but works in a cavalcade of pulpy grapefruity freshness too. There’s a myriad of quality grower-Champagne producers, like this, but this wine is in front of me as I type so it gets headway in this list. Feel the luxury.

And the number one drink I want to see on the Christmas table?
Well, being Jewish means that I have a decided lack of experience in appropriateness of drink to the festive season table, but working with the standards expected to be seen (hams, cold cuts, salads, seafoods, BBQ stuff), I’m all about the versatility of vermouth this year. Get stuck into the local stuff, pour liberally over ice, micro-plane a messy snowfall of mixed citrus over the top. Drink with gusto. (Try: Sparrow & Vine In Volo Vermouth, Marrickville, NSW, $28)

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