Aside from running North Fitzroy’s most kickass bistro and wine shop (The Recreation), sommelier Mark Protheroe is also in charge of running our SOMM BAR. The Somm Bar is where you’ll find examples of true Red Burgundy, all the way from France. Here are his picks for the day.


The Mills family have been an established act overlooking Lake Wanaka for five generations. The crowds gather, swoon and sing-along to an electrifying collection of single vineyards.

FRINGE: Lerida Estate (SYD)

Canberra Pinot Noir is a fringe act that operates outside the established realm of Pinot noir genres. The weather and precocious nature of the variety ensures you will find an eclectic back catalogue of hits.

DANCE TENT: Paringa Estate (SYD, MEL)

The range possesses a tannin bass line with occasional winemaking vocals that ensure you will be dub-stepping in to the early hours of the morning with this Mornington classic in the glass.  


Adrian and Rebecca have been fine tuning their Pinot sounds since 2012. Each release seems to raise the volume another decibel delivering wines of increasing magnitude.

NEW RELEASE: Sailor Seeks Horse (BNE)

Gilli and Paul found fame with some big bands before striking out on their own acoustic act. The humility in their winemaking enables the vineyard to resonate through their wines.  

VIP: Burgundy/SOMM bar (BNE, SYD, MEL)

Escape the craziness of the mosh pit where you will find some of the county’s best stage handlers pouring rare and hard to find B(urgundy)-sides from this famed vinous library in France.  

Mark (right) winning the Drinks Service Award at the recent Time Out Food Awards


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