MELBOURNE ROADIE // Andrew Murch (Rockpool Bar & Grill)

By September 23, 2015 Pinot Roadies

Get to know Andrew Murch, one of our SOMMELIER ROADIE’S at this year’s MELBOURNE show. All part of the VIP Ticket!

About Andrew



What do you do with yourself?
I’m a sommelier at Rockpool Bar & Grill Melbourne.
I’m also a dad to a 4 month old baby called Ernie.
In my spare 2 hours a week I try to study, eat and drink. Well.

What are you working on at the moment?
My sanity.
I’m dedicating a few extra hours of revision a week to my Italian wine knowledge.
I’m looking forward to a trip to Margaret River next month.
When Ernie’s a few years old I’m gonna take him and his mum to California for a road trip.

What is your favourite song of 2015 so far?

Can you remember your ‘first time’ with Pinot? What year was it? Where was it? Tell us!
Bannockburn Pinot Noir from Geelong.
This was the first Pinot that sparked my love for the variety.
I’m sure it would have been the 2008 vintage – I drank it in 2011.
I was working at Donovans in St. Kilda as a section waiter a the time.
I love all Bannockburn wines – because the taste like nothing else one earth, but Bannockburn.

What song best sums up that first time experience?

Finish this sentence: Wine and music …
…is a sensory overload. Keep them separate.

What is it about Pinot Noir that gets you pumped?
It’s ability to tell stories about where it’s from. The good stuff is restrained yet hugely detailed.

What are you top 10 songs for drinking Pinot Noir with?

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