MELBOURNE ROADIE // Jackson Watson (Harry & Frankie)

By September 23, 2015 Pinot Roadies

Get to know Jackson, one of our SOMMELIER ROADIE’S at this year’s MELBOURNE show. All part of the VIP Ticket!

About Jackson

This guys wine resume is impressive including the likes of Vue du Monde, Crown and more. Sommeliers Australia Scholar, Galli Scholar and more has honed is skill at making people feel at ease.

You’re in good hands.



What do you do with yourself?
I’ve been involved in the hospitality & wine industry for nearly 20 years. Working in this industry has taken me from vineyards in central Victoria to the crus of France and caf├ęs in Carlton to Michelin starred restaurants in London.

When I’m not in restaurants; drinking or working, I bike ride, keep up with politics and have a mild obsession with Netflix.

What are you working on at the moment?
I am currently working at Harry & Frankie in Port Melbourne. It is a pleasure to work with one of the best wine lists in Australia.

650 carefully chosen wines at retail prices means that every person who walks through the doors drinks incredibly well

What is your favourite song of 2015 so far?

Can you remember your ‘first time’ with Pinot? What year was it? Where was it? Tell us!
Diamond Creek Blue label Pinot Noir, 1996.

Serving wines in my first hospitality job. I thought a $45 bottle of wine was incredibly expensive until I tasted the wine. I was hooked from that point on.

Finish this sentence: Wine and music …
… a medley of all the senses.

What is it about Pinot Noir that gets you pumped?
Every wine, each vintage, with time are significantly different from each other.

What are you top 10 songs for drinking Pinot Noir with?

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