We hear two things when we hand over that promised wine glass to you at our events: “Oh, my god, I could fit an entire bottle of wine in here” and “This wine glass is incredible.”

These comments (largely the latter, less the former, although that’s reason enough) are why Plumm is our official wine glass provider. We don’t want anything to detract from the delicious wine you’ll be drinking at our events, quite the opposite. We want to show it off, and the best way to do that is with a great glass.

Born and bred here in Melbourne, Plumm is also the first Australian glassware brand designed for specific wine styles. Proven (via actual scientific research, but also by our own personal drinking) to noticeably improve the wine drinking experience, there really was no other choice for us than to go with Plumm.


Like us, Wine Selectors are great supporters of Australian wine. And like us, Wine Selectors put time and effort into getting out into the regions, meeting the growers and winemakers, unearthing the best wines and bringing them to you. Our shared aim – this desire to find the best Aussie wine for you to experience – is why they’re an official Pinot Palooza partner.

We’re even collaborating on a Pinot Pack – a selection of six premium Pinot Noir wines curated by both Wine Selectors’ expert Tasting Panel and us – which will be available to buy at Pinot Palooza Melbourne and Sydney, and onwards from then.

Also at the Melbourne and Sydney events, Wine Selectors will host Pinot sessions at The Studio. Come, grab a glass, and prepare to both rock out and nerd out over the king of grapes.

Like a fine wine, we predict our partnership with Wine Selectors will get better with age.


Like wine, water has a sense of place. You can taste the differences in water that’s been drawn from springs in France, sourced from mountains and valleys in the USA, or caught from the glacial melt-off in Iceland.

Nowhere is this truer than at the Daylesford & Hepburn Mineral Springs Co. Based in Victoria, in an area dubbed Spa Country for the volume of natural springs in the area, the Daylesford & Hepburn Mineral Springs Co. crafts a range of premium waters, organics, naturals and mixers which tell the story of the region.

This sense of provenance, and the company’s passion for supporting local communities, is why the Daylesford & Hepburn Mineral Springs Co. is our official water partner. Because, like wine, water tells a story.


How often have you wanted to take yourself on a wine tour of the Yarra Valley, or Margaret River, or Central Otago? With so many wineries out there, and often not enough information, knowing where to go and how to go about it can be tough. But, fear not – we’re here to help. Well, Alpaca Maps is here to help, and as they are an official Pinot Palooza partner, we’re helping by association.

The maps Alpaca Maps create have so many applications. We use them to map wineries and create wine itineraries for you, but you could use it to map your dream holiday. It’s this flexibility, sense of adventure, and creativity that make this partnership perfect.


Pinot Palooza is all about interactions, not transactions, and Square’s fuss-free card payment system makes any unavoidable transaction as easy as possible. Thanks to Square, all wine producers and food and beer vendors will be equipped with simple card readers, thus negating the need for cash at any event. It’s about making Pinot Palooza events as user-friendly as possible, and Square is the perfect company to do this.


Events love events, and Pinot Palooza loves Dann. Why? Because, like us, these guys have an eye for detail, take a creative and innovation approach to what they do, and their work makes our events that much more awesome.


We think our Pinot Palooza story is pretty great, and to tell it in the best way possible, we recruited the experts. KOJO can weave a narrative like no one else – helping us to decide what to share and how to share it. We want to share our story, we want to share each wine’s story, and KOJO is here to help us do that.


Yarra Valley Dairy have been with us almost since day one, so it was time we made it official. We love the team, and, in our opinion, you won’t find better cheese in Victoria. It’s a mandatory Pinot pairing in our office.


No one tears up a Pinot Palooza dancefloor like Neil Prentice from Moondarra (as you’ll know if you’ve been anywhere in his vicinity when New Order’s Blue Monday comes on). But even more than this, Neil has been with us from the beginning, and is a true supporter of what we do. Plus, his Pinot is bloody delicious.


No matter our budget or how insane our requests, Emily and Craig from North Street Botanical will make it happen. These guys have been with us since day one, helping us build each of our events’ entire aesthetic. We literally couldn’t do what we do without them.


The name sums it up. This Prahran-based design studio has the ability to turn creative and imaginative thoughts into a reality, and as Pinot Palooza was once just a creative thought, POI is the perfect partner for us. Responsible for so many of Australia’s best restaurant fitouts, including Saint Crispin, Chin Chin, Rare Hare, and many of Andrew McConnell’s, POI also has an understanding of hospitality. In short, we love them!