Well, New Zealand. We have to say we are mighty impressed with you this year. Auckland – you turned out in the biggest numbers we’ve seen for a Pinot Palooza your side of the Tasman. Christchurch, we can’t believe that was your first effort – it felt like you were seasoned Palooza pros!

Between tasting over 100 Pinots, drinking cleansing ales and general Palooza partying, you still managed to cast your vote in the People’s Choice. Are you ready for the results?

Presenting the top 10 People’s Choice for Auckland and Christchurch 2017:

Auckland Top 10 

  1. Wooing Tree
  2. Rockburn
  3. Craggy Range
  4. Wet Jacket
  5. Mt Difficulty
  6. Clos Marguerite
  7. Gibbston Valley
  8. Domaine-Thomson
  9. Madam Sass
  10. Palliser Estate

Christchurch Top 10 

  1. Tongue in Groove
  2. Black Estate
  3. Dog Point 
  4. Wet Jacket
  5. Clos Marguerite
  6. Pegasus Bay
  7. Gibbston Valley
  8. Peregrine Wines
  9. Greystone
  10. Akarua


  1. Wet Jacket
  2. Tongue in Groove
  3. Clos Marguerite
  4. Gibbston Valley
  5. Mt Difficulty

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