Before he became REVEL/BSC’s Chief Worry Officer (CWO), Peter Marchant had a long career in wine, restaurants and hospitality. He’s largely responsible for putting the wine program for Pinot Palooza together, so you know his tips will be good.

MAIN STAGE: Giant Steps

These guys can’t put a foot wrong at the minute. Consistently delivering world class pinot year after year.

FRINGE: Swinging Bridge

NSW pinot? Who knew? Altitude means everything to Tom Ward and these wines are on the edge of greatness.

DANCE TENT: Pegasus Bay

If you have spent anytime in NZ, you know this place can go off. Sneak over to Pegasus Bay and sh*t gets real. The Donaldson family know how to party, and their wines reflect this.


Teeny tiny new producer from Adelaide Hills. James is making slurpable, fun wines. Make sure you check out the pinot and shiraz blend!

NEW RELEASE: Lightfoot & Sons

Right at the eastern edge of Gippsland is a piece of dirt that grows some really interesting wines. An ancient peninsula jutting out into fruit and veg growing country. It doesn’t make sense, and then it does. Gippsland is the new black.

VIP: Curly Flat

These wines have been long favourites of mine and they have been great supporters of our events. Their is a purity and an elegance to them that will have you thinking you are very important.

MAIN STAGE: Josef Chromy

They have all bases covered at JC. Jeremy Dineen is making some exceptional wines from these older vineyards in Tas. Taste the ZDAR and you will know why it is main stage.

FRINGE: Lerida

The wines are savoury and complex, unlike the inhabitants of Parliament House. There is a brooding, earthy complexity in these wines that is very appealing.


I would actually say “emerged”. Damian has been with us since his first pinot was made. Now, he is a mainstay. Great site selection and experience at some of the great wineries on the planet has led Journey to where it is today.

NEW RELEASE (first time producer with us): Below and Above Wine

John and Kia Klepec have been focusing on their little part of Pemberton for over five years, and are only just now ready to show their new babies off. They have done all the right things in the vineyard to ensure amazing quality in the bottle. I could go on about clones, density and yield, but it’s boring. Taste it and let the wine do the talking.

VIP: Rippon

The Mills family are producing incredible wines from one of the most picturesque vineyards on the planet. The substance and story behind these wines will have you falling in love with pinot all over again.


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