In August 2018, we published the first ever edition of the Pinot Palooza magazine.

It was conceived as a way for us to continue the conversation about pinot noir outside of our events; to help us help you integrate pinot noir into your lives more seamlessly.

Below is the welcome letter from REVEL director and founder Dan Sims, which explains more about why it came about and what’s inside.

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Happy reading!


Welcome to the first ever edition of the Pinot Palooza Magazine!

If you’d asked me at our inaugural event back in 2012 whether we’d one day publish a magazine, I probably would have stared at you blankly or just laughed in your face. But fast forward to today and, well, here we are.

In 2018, we’re heading to 11 cities in five countries. This is an incredible testament to all of you who’ve joined us over the years, and the wineries and exhibitors who make this event possible. Because of Pinot Palooza, we’ve managed to form wonderful connections all over the world. This magazine is a celebration of those connections, as well as a token of our thanks.

It’s why the theme of this edition is ‘WHERE DO YOU PINOT?’ For us, Pinot Noir is more than just a wine. It’s part of our lives. It’s with us when we socialise, travel, eat. No matter where we are in the world, Pinot is there too.

This magazine isn’t about points or star ratings or using big words that no one understands (Andrea Frost’s article summarises exactly why we love it!), it’s about helping you integrate Pinot into your life, as well as giving you practical tools to further explore it if you wish.

In this issue, we speak to the People’s Choice winners from 2017 (an excellent reminder to vote for your favourite this year!). We chat to a few incredible sommeliers who share their tips on those Pinot artists to watch in 2018. We show you around Singapore, and take you on a whirlwind 48-hour tour of the Mornington Peninsula.

Drinks writer Mike Bennie talks about baller wines. We speak to SOUNDS AUSTRALIA’s Glenn Dickie about the links he sees between music and wine. We chat to the incredible chef Analiese Gregory about her move from Sydney to the pristine state of Tasmania. And there’s a quick Q&A with Alice Oehr, who designed and illustrated this magazine’s awesome cover.

So, a fair bit in this first edition!

Our intent with this magazine is to further the conversation around Pinot and the people behind it. So we’re dedicating this first edition to all of you who have joined us and supported us at our events over the years; especially the incredible wineries who come together collaboratively every year (the 260+ wineries are listed in the back of this mag). We couldn’t do what we do without them or you.

So, on behalf of Team REVEL, I’d like to say THANK YOU. Thank you for being here today and for taking the time to read this publication.

I’d also like to thank my team, both present and past, who do do not flinch nor falter. They are legends and I am incredibly grateful.

Truly. Thank you.

Dan Sims

CEO / Founder REVEL Global

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  • Ayla says:

    Hey Yee Suan,
    Sorry you can’t make it this year but we will certainly send a magazine your way!

  • YeeSuan Wong says:

    Hi to the wonderful team behind Pinot Palooza,
    I had a smashing time at your singapore event last year. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend your event this year. I would greatly appreciate if you are able to send a copy of the inaugural Pinot Palooza magazine to me at the following address :
    YeeSuan Wong
    15, jalan sarjana 2
    taman connaught
    56000 kuala lumpur

    Many thanks and best wishes,

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