Brooks was founded in 1998 by visionary Portland native, Jimi Brooks, who was drawn into the world of wine by his passion for history and philosophy.

After spending time making wine in Beaujolais, Jimi returned to Oregon and set up shop in the Willamette Valley, with a vision of showcasing the region’s potential for exceptional riesling and pinot noir.

Jimi sadly passed away in 2004, but his vision for the region, coupled with his devotion to biodynamic farming and winemaking in those early days, is a big part of what makes Brooks’ wines so special today. A focus on place, organics and ‘being present’ in the surroundings all make for some very special wines. Pinot aside, the Riesling is also incredible.

Jimi’s young son Pascal owns the winery now, and winemaker Chris Williams (who we think is the wine world’s version of ‘The Dude’ from The Big Lebowski) works with a range of local growers to produce wines that respect the individuality of each site and showcase the region’s unique terroir. Along with making some excellent wines, Chris is philosophical, super chill and loves a good hug.

Overlooking the valley at the top of the Eola-Amity Hills, the old homestead here is homely, welcoming and full of character. The tasting room has plenty of seating to take in those great valley views and does a great pizza – a wonderful spot to spend an afternoon with a group of your favourite people.