It was two-and-a-half tonnes of Cabernet Franc grapes that did it. Lisa and Justin Jenkins had been toying with the idea of making their own wine, so even though they felt a little green and inexperienced, when they were offered the fruit in 2016 they didn’t turn it down.

Fast-forward to today, and the Jenkins have never been happier. They still don’t own their own vineyards nor grow their own grapes, so the wines they make and the areas the grapes are from change every year. But for them, that’s part of the fun.

They don’t own their own winery either, so for now they’re borrowing one in Cranbourne/Pakenham, right on the Melbourne-Gippsland border. They share the space with the boys from Onannon Wines.

The name, Fleet, represents their lack of permanency in regards to winemaking (i.e., they’re never sure where their fruit is going to be coming from) yet not in regards to Gippsland. Justin grew up between Loch and Wonthaggi, and although he and Lisa met while both working in restaurants in Melbourne, it was always his plan to return home. And although there was a time when Lisa couldn’t imagine living outside of Melbourne, now she can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Fleet Wines