At a time where Old World examples are becoming increasingly unattainable, our enthusiastic wine bunch are turning to fresh and enticing examples from the New World. We’re seeing an inquisitive new wave of wine drinkers in the UK: a generation of Millennials and Gen Xers who love to splash their cash on wine experiences over what was once the necessity of ‘en primeur’.

Pinot sales dominate our red wine sales by a country mile and it certainly helps that pinot is a grape that’s relatively easy to understand, process and taste – as fickle as it may be in the vineyard. New World pinot noir gives consumers an intuitive, bright and approachable experience whilst simultaneously acting as a gateway to the world of red wine.

Pinot Noir = or what we refer to in our New World wine world as; Hipster Crack.

New Zealand and Australia manage to inadvertently captivate consumers with their ability to extend conversations far beyond the likes of scores and medals to connect directly with consumers. This advantageous attitude gives them personality and relatability and our little corner of the pinot world continues to flourish in their honour.

WORDS: Melanie Brown,