The first thing you need to know about Patrick Sullivan is that he doesn’t have Instagram, Facebook… even his website is just a holding page. He doesn’t need to. Both his personal reputation and that of the quality of his wines is such that he can sell an entire vintage with one phone call.

Sullivan grew up in wine country (Heathcote, “during the boom years”), and even though he made attempts to pursue other avenues (actuary, paediatrician), a career in winemaking was arguably inevitable. For years, he made wine with grapes that had been grown by other people, but viticulture has always been the area of winemaking that most interested him. In 2014, he bought a property at Ellinbank in West Gippsland and planted his own vines. Today, every Patrick Sullivan wine is made from grapes he has grown and farmed himself.

Sullivan farms mostly biodynamically, and he makes his wines with minimal intervention, but only because he is so in tune with what happens in his vineyard. He instinctively knows how the weather or season will impact a vintage, and what he needs to do (or not do) to get the best out of his grapes.

His property is one of the most beautiful vineyards in Gippsland, but as yet there is no cellar door or tasting room on-site. If you’d like to taste his wines while in the region, Hogget Kitchen, the restaurant he owns with fellow winemaker William Downie and chef Trevor Perkins, acts as an unofficial cellar door for both Sullivan and Downie, and is a destination in its own right.

Patrick Sullivan Wines
146 Petersons Road
Ellinbank, VIC

Hogget Kitchen
6 Farrington Close
Warragul Vic 3820