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What style do you think characterises the pinot of your region?
Sunbury region specialises in food wines typically from shiraz and cabernet sauvignon, however Ray-Monde Deux is at the cooler end and so grows pinot noir. Our wines are full-bodied and linger in the mouth.

Tell us something we need to know about your region?
Sunbury is the wine region closest to Melbourne; you can visit a winery and have lunch at one of our winery restaurants in as long as it would take you to find a car park on Chapel St.

What’s the one thing we must do in your region?
Tough one. Most people drive through on their way somewhere, so make sure you visit one of our wineries on your way to and from Melbourne.

If not you, who else should people try?
Craiglee, Galli Estate

What song should we listen to when driving to the winery?

What song should we listen to when driving away and onto the next one?

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