CAN WE KICK IT, AGAIN? Yes, we can!

OCTOBER 30 2021, 2pm AEDT

Wine Tastings, DJ’s & Good times

Whaaaaat? Aren’t we supposed to be pinoting in person right now?

Yeah, the ‘C’ word certainly striked back in 2021 but hold tight friends, it will make the reunion even sweeter.

With the world flipped upside down, one thing remains certain, we need a little Palooza in our lives!!!

So we’re bringing back Pinot Palooza Side B, a live streamed event where we’ll be tasting, drinking, chatting and dancing (mostly dancing TBH) along to all things pinot noir. It’s time to take the worlds biggest pinot party…online … again.

So no matter where you are in the world, whether it be in your home, a park, beach, winery or wherever you can gather in your place in the world, it’s time get your mates together, grab some Pinot Noir tracks and join us for the Palooza side of Pinot.

Can we still kick it? Oh, yes … we can.


12 x 150ml cans of Pinot Noir & Automatic access to the event!

We’ve always been about celebrating the people and places that our favourite grape is made and that is what version #002 of the Pinot Palooza 12 Track Pinot Pack is all about.

Four delicious pinot noirs from four regions we love made by makers we love even more.
Did we mention love?

So whilst we can’t gather together in person just yet, it won’t stop the party.
So enjoy! Grab a can, and pinot party with your hands in the air … like it’s 2019 *ahem*.



GIPPSLAND – By Lightfoot
TASMANIA – By Ghost Rock
PORT PHILLIP – By Silent Way

$75 plus shipping per pack

Equivalent to two and a half bottles of wine and perfect to share with 2 to 4 people.
Or just you. We won’t judge you, beautiful. 


If you’re looking for a very detailed, analytical look at Pinot Noir, this is not for you.

With all the madness of this year, we just want to focus on the fun. Heck, we all need it.

So get your hands in the air like you just don’t care and let’s party like it’s 2019!


#pinotpalooza is best shared with mates.