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Stefano (Steve) Lubiana, a fifth-gen winemaker, met his wife, Monique, in January of 1987. Seven months later, they had a wine business together. And about three years after that (in March, 1990), they bought land at Granton, about 20km north of Hobart and moved to Tasmania to make wine together.

For the first year, while their pinot and chardonnay vines were growing and the winery was being built, Steve and Monique grew vegetables on the property and ran it as a market garden. Once they started making wine, they were successful almost immediately.

Although they farmed conventionally when they first took over the property, it wasn’t long before they made the switch to biodynamics. They’ve been certified since 2013, and have even won the biodynamic trophy at the London International Wine Challenge for the past two years.

There is a wonderful restaurant and cellar door at Stefano Lubiana Wines. Most the produce used in the northern-Italian style osteria is grown onsite, using biodynamic practices (like their grapes). The tasting room is open from 11am – 4pm Wednesday to Sunday, and lunch in the restaurant is from 12pm – 2.30pm.

You can keep up to date with Stefano Lubiana Wines by following them on Instagram and Facebook.

If your pinot was a music artist, who would it be?

I (Monique) would say the Eagles, because I love them and their music is universal, soulful and still enjoyed today. I think that Steve would probably say Barry White because he’s old school yet still so damn sexy and smooth.

Best music to listen to during vintage?

There is so much energy in the winery during vintage, all at different levels depending on the stage of harvest. But we are never in a rush or hurried, quality takes time so cruisey Reggae just cant be beat.

Where do you pinot?

You can drink our Primavera pinot noir anywhere because it is a very drinkable versatile wine that will elevate any occasion. Our Estate, Single block and Sasso pinot noirs are best enjoyed where peace is found.  Steve often says pinot noir is a wine for the brain,  it commands your full attention so that it can take you to where you need to be.

The one song that makes you dance when the beat drops…

You can buy Stefano Lubiana Wines at good retailers Australia wide and online at slw.com.au. They also have a wine club called Buon Gusto, which ships to our members’ doorsteps current, museum and quirky small batch wines twice a year

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