SYDNEY ROADIE // Seamus Brandt (Rockpool Bar & Grill – Sydney)

By September 23, 2015 September 25th, 2015 Pinot Roadies

Get to know Seamus, one of our SOMMELIER ROADIE’S at this year’s SYDNEY show. All part of the VIP Ticket!

About Seamus
Seamus is a bit of a quiet achiever. This ridiculously talented sommelier is part of the Rockpool Group which is has one of the most impressive wine programs in the country. The wines this guys has tried is enough to make any wine wanker green with evy.

Rock on!



What do you do with yourself?
I am currently a Senior Sommelier at Rockpool Bar and Grill Sydney.

What are you working on at the moment?
Focusing on my “Sommit” Scholarship application and interview. Fingers crossed!

What is your favourite song of 2015 so far?

Can you remember your ‘first time’ with Pinot? What year was it? Where was it? Tell us!
I was in my first year of my chef’s apprenticeship, 2006! It was in this time that i was introduced to Pinot and fine wine in general.

Finish this sentence: Wine and music …
are the pillars of any great meal with friends and family. So lets get together for dinner?!

What is it about Pinot Noir that gets you pumped?

What are you top 10 songs for drinking Pinot Noir with?

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