Talking all things Pinot with Melanie Brown // The NZ Cellar, UK

By January 21, 2019 Pinot Roadies

Tell us a bit about yourself. What are you up to at the moment and how did you get there?
I’m just a kiwi chick who was inspired by a collection of formidable humans in the NZ wine industry. (cue, Nick Mills of Rippon)

You just won the International Wine Challenge NZ Wine Specialist Award again for the third year. So you like NZ wine then hey? What is it about NZ wine (Pinot in particular) that gets you pumped?
Pumped – well, thats a goodie. I live and breath NZ wine, its my everything. I’ve been completely in awe of the people that contribute and execute some of my favourite wines in the world. These people get me pumped. on a daily basis.

Go on, tell us. What was the first wine you ever drank? Was it Pinot? If not, can you remember your ‘first time’ with Pinot?
Aquila, crement style, from Foodtown, Milford, Auckland. What can I say, I’ve always been a classy girl. Haha – here it is. Do not judge.

What do you think it is about Pinot Noir that gets people so rocking?
Pinot is the sexiest grape of any grape, grown anywhere, End. It’s approachable, friendly, kind, stylistic, changeable, derived, beautiful, did I say sexy? So in this respect, it is easy to get people rocking because it is such a versatile friend. pinot is audacious, its stimulating and thoughtful, what else can i say? Pinot you are my one true love.

We’ll have well over 100 pinots on tasting at Pinot Palooza, what are your tips for navigating the room from an NZ Wine perspective? Where would you start?
It depends, is it all NZ? I’d start in Central and work my way up – i think its importent to discover the sub regionality, its so extreme and enlightening, don’t over think it, enjoy the many facets of Pinot. Enjoy the authentic of a region or sub region…

Where do you pinot and why? Can you pick your favourite NZ wine region?
Couldn’t, that’s like picking your favourite child!! Every region offers me an experience that another region can’t, I’m all about the experience, the time, the place, the sequence and the people. What pinot manages to encapsulate, however, right now, is the energy and focus that North Canterbury conveys – it is truly something, watch this region my friends, with a magnifying glass.

So many talk about the ‘best wine they’ve ever drunk’ but can you tell us the best wine experience’ you’ve ever had?
It wasn’t New Zealand, it wasn’t in New Zealand and it wasn’t with New Zealand friends, so unfortunately I am not at liberty to say.

If Pinot was a song: what would it be?
Me and Julio. Julio is my Pinot.

What do you drink when no one is watching?
Pinot with ice.

And finally, can you share with us your Top 10 Tunes to drink Pinot too?
Nuvole Bianche – ludovico enuadi
Everywhere – fleetwood mac
Flashed junk mind – milky chance
Lightning bolt – jake bugg
Sexy Bitch – david guetta
You and me – disclosure
The chase – future islands
Loose yourself – eminem
Pristine – Mantaraybryn
Walk on the wild side – lou reed

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