Tassie pinot is like listening to your mate’s banging hip hop playlist: fun, full of soul and thought-provoking. Pinots from this region have the structure of a DJ Shadow song, and the flavour of Dr. Dre’s The Chronic record. Get your wineglasses ready and start scratching those vinyls, because there’s a new kid on the pinot block and they’re bringing the funk.

Words by Samantha Payne


Northern Tassie pinot is all about structure, showing its depth and richness whilst still maintaining its acidity and freshness. Wines that are as harmonious as Dre’s backbeat and Ice Cube’s lyrics in an NWA song.

East Coast

There’s a distinct style of pinot that comes from Tassie’s east coast. Delicate, refined and usually lighter in style, there’s a softness that presents itself on the palate like a good LL Cool J or Janet Jackson track.


Wines from Tassie’s south are all about collaboration (think of those old-school mash-ups); blends of different parcels of fruit which tell the distinct story of Tasmanian pinot noir. Dark and earthy or delicate and red fruited, whatever your mood; the south has it all.