A highly awarded sommelier and (now) local Perth boy, Dan Wegener knows a thing or ten about Pinot Noir.

For those of you who joined us last year in PERTH, you may remember him in action at the SOMM BAR. Well, he’s back manning it again this year, pouring a bunch of ‘fancy’ Pinot from across the globe (including Burgundy of course).

We grabbed him for a quick chat on all things Pinot to get his take on the variety, talk food and wine matching madness and how he popped his Pinot cherry. *ahem*

What are you up to at the moment?
Gaining kilos at Il Lido Italian Canteen and spreading the good word for my distribution business The Drink Well Philosophy. Have’n some fun too!

What will you be doing at Pinot Palooza this year?
Vente de Bourgogne à pinophiles et à leurs proches

Where do you Pinot?
Fortune Duck House, Northbridge. It’s an absolute Pinstitution! And how can you go past Duck and Pinot!

Without getting super technical and all that, what do you think the best Pinot and food match is?
Gamey, rich meats and fungus. Sounds obvious, but…. it’s the jam baby.

What’s the weirdest wine and food match you’ve done that actually worked?
Sake with Steak, I know… it was a weird-arse sake…

What do you think it is about Pinot Noir that gets people rocking?
Complexity. You can see their minds ticking over as their brain struggles to keep up with the evolution of flavours. It’s addictive.

Go on, tell us. What was the first wine you ever drank? Was it Pinot? If not, can you remember your ‘first time’ with Pinot?
Hmmm. A tarty Barossa Valley Frontignac popped my cherry. First serious memories of Pinot would be Otago, Mt Difficulty, Felton Road and Chard Farm. I was a bartender in Queenstown as a young fulla.

If Pinot was a music artist: who would it be?
Easy. Bob Dylan.

What do you drink when no one is watching?
Rum Cans.

What do you think makes the perfect wine drinking play list?
Again easy. Anything Nick Cave xx


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