What style do you think characterises the pinot of your region?
Central Otago produces beautifully aromatic pinots with fine tannin, great texture and lots of delicious fruit. AKA – moorish!

Tell us three things we need to know about your region?
Central Otago is a region of extreme beauty, endless opportunity to recreate outdoors and extremely adventurous people.

What’s the one thing we simply must do in your region?
Go skiing at Treble Cone!

If not you, who else should people try?
Quartz Reef

When no one is watching, you drink…
Calvados (because I don’t want to share)

Your pinots are best for…
Aside from Saturday through Sunday, Valli pinots are best when you want to feel special.  Everyone needs to feel loved now and again – Valli pinot is made with loving you in mind.

Your pinots are best paired with…
Good company. Failing that, duck.

If your pinots were songs/artists, who would they be?
WAITAKINina Simone – because of its timelessness, self-confident feminine power.

BANNOCKBURNBuena Vista Social Club – there is sweetness and life with broad appeal.

BENDIGOLed Zepplin – power, energy with some edge.

GIBBSTONLeonard Cohen – it is lyrical, it has layers, it’s complex and oozes sensuality.

What year was your first pinot noir vintage and what song best represents it?
1980. Refugee – Tom Petty (Showed up in the states from New Zealand for my first vintage)

What are you listening to when you’re drinking pinot?

What song should we listen to when driving to the winery?

What song should we listen to when driving away and onto the next one?

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