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And sheesh … it’s a good one

Over Pinot Palooza’s 13 city tour, there will be opportunity to so many different Pinots from so many producers representing so many regions. The sheer volume alone can be intimidating, let alone trying to pick a favourite.

The best way is to approach it as you would a music festival. Think of the different styles or producers as stages, each one representing a certain genre of music or musician.

Each has its own unique character and what you like or don’t like is all down to how you feel and what you’re seeking at that particular moment in time.

Spend time at the main stage, but make sure you head to the fringe and emerging stages for something new or a little different. Up for a splurge? Go VIP style. Up for something fun? The Dance Tent’s where it’s at. And when you feel like taking it a little easy, the Chill Out Room’s waiting for you. 

This is how you pinot, with your hands in the air like you just don’t care!
Main Stage: 

This is the headline act which you absolutely have to check out. If you haven’t heard of them, you soon will. This one’s a must.


This is one you’ll cough up good dollars for.


A little left field, alternative, unique, intriguing and captivating. Not mainstream and all the better for it.

Emerging Talent: 

This is your new, up-and-coming Pinot artist, or one who’s undergone reinvention.

Chill Out Room: 

Super chilled, easy going, relaxed and super lo-fi.

Dance Tent: 

Wines that are bright, fun and make you want to move.



Ata Rangi 2017
Craggy Range ‘Te Muna’ 2016

Central Otago

Akitu ‘A2’ 2016
Burn Cottage ‘Burn Cottage Vineyard’ 2016
Rippon ‘Mature Vines’ 2015
Two Paddocks Estate 2018
Valli ‘Gibbston’ 2017


Dog Point 2016
Seresin ‘Noa’ 2013


Neudorf ‘Tom’s Block’ 2016

North Canterbury

Black Estate ‘Netherwood’ 2014
Pegasus Bay 2016

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Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Ashton Hills Estate 2016
BK Wines ‘Gower’ 2018
Shaw + Smith 2015

Yarra Valley, Vic

Giant Steps Yarra Valley 2018
Innocent Bystander 2018
Timo Mayer ‘The Doktor’ 2018
Yering Station Little Yering 2016

Mornington Peninsula, Vic

Kooyong ‘Massale’ 2018

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Dalrymple 2015
Josef Chromy 2017

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